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Research on financial issues
Research on Financial and Economic Issues
Host: Dongbei University of Finance and Economics
Cycle: Monthly
Place of Publication: Dalian, Liaoning Province
Language: Chinese;
Folio: Big 16
ISSN 1000-176X
CN 21-1096 / F
Post code 8-117
Founding year: 1979
ASPT Source
China Journal Net
2004 Core Journal
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Research on financial issues

2019 Issue 11
New China's 70 Years of Macro-control Transformation, Innovation and Basic Experience Pang Mingchuan
Commercial presence of trade in services: scale, competitiveness, and industry characteristics Xia Jiechang; Tan Hongbo;
Diversity VS High Efficiency——A New Interpretation of "Golden Decade" and "Lost Decade" Gou Youzhao; Lu Linyuan;
The Impact of Multiple Asymmetry and Reconstruction Models on the Operating Performance of Target Enterprises Bai Rangrang
The Path of Economic Growth Guided by Financial Agglomeration——Analysis Based on Threshold Effect and Spatial Effect Zhang Xiuyan;
Banking Competition, Financing Constraints and Corporate Innovation: Multi-layer Statistical Test Based on Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share Listed Companies Wang Yong; Wang Liang; Song Dandan;
Macro Multi-indicator Pricing Model and Its Empirical Study in China A Share Market Meng Qingru; Wang Qingshi;
Research on the People's Livelihood Fiscal Expenditure Behavior of Local Government——Based on the Perspective of Fiscal Transparency and Public Supervision Ye Mancheng; Li Yongtao;
Alienation in the Implementation of New Urbanization Policies and Correction of Local Government Behavior: A Research Perspective Based on the Complex Economic Strategy Background Deng Xilong; Song Dan; Chen Juan;
Study on the Poverty Reduction Effect of Population Migration and Urban-rural Infrastructure Allocation in Time and Space Lan Feng; Chen Zhe; Zhen Wen;
The Impact of Urban Specialization, Diversification and Human Capital on the Northeast Economy Cui Guangliang; Gao Tiemei;
Organizational change, group work insecurity and organizational performance Dong Tiantian; Chen Weizheng; Chen Yuling;
Research on the Impact of Organizational Capital on Corporate M & A and M & A Performance Cheng Mian; Xu Zijian; Shi Benshan;
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