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Urban and rural construction
Urban and Rural Development
Organizer: Architecture Magazine
Cycle: half a month
Place of Publication: Beijing
Language: Chinese;
Folio: Big 16
ISSN 1002-8455
CN 11-1618 / D
Post code 2-217
Previous title: Urban Construction
Founding year: 1956
ASPT Source
China Journal Net
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Urban and rural construction

2019 Issue 23
Consumption Poverty Alleviation Promotes Regional Cooperative Development Feng Kui;
"New China 70 Years" "70 Years 70" Call for Papers
Demolition of dilapidated buildings to ensure mass safety Hu Guangyin
Problems and countermeasures in the implementation of urban garbage classification system in China Wang Yi;
Improve quality and efficiency, and change the way of high-density living Xu Zongwei;
Demarcation and management of urban development boundaries based on provincial-city-county powers Wei Xin;
Garden landscape design with sponge city concept Zhang Lijuan;
Set up "Wulan Muqi" and promote "Battlefield Micro Class" Xiao Wei;
Problems and Countermeasures of Urban Parking in Jiangsu Province Liu Jin; Li Ming;
Speed up the construction of safe development cities Chen Chao;
City in the Forest, People in the Garden——The Pizhou Practice of Creating a Forest Park City Yin Qiliang;
Study on the Characteristic Construction of Luliang Loess Plateau City Gao Weiwei; Zhao Yaohong;
Paths to Comprehensive Law Enforcement Reform in Rugao Township Wang Zhen;
Qualitative Penalty for Personal Transportation of Construction Waste——Reflections on the Practice of Feixi Urban Management Tao Ran;
Tackling poverty alleviation strategy will shift to "solving relative poverty" Liu Boxia;
Thoughts on Public Participation in Village Planning Dai Rongli; Zhang Gang;
Foreign Urban Design Strategies Liu Hongzhi;
"Changtai · Sixth Garden" Commercial and Residential District
Charming Langmu Temple Wang Nanhai
Rustic stone house Yao Yonggang;
Urban and rural construction
Improving the water ecology Li Zhonghua; Gao Dali;
Application of Aromatic Plants in Ecological Garden City Liu Yadi; Xu Shanshan; Leng Huanan;
Facilitating the transformation of the three old cities to make the city more beautiful Fei Junjun;
Yanglou Cave: Cui enters the Indus show, and Xianglai scrawls into the grass Xiao Yan;
Li Dazhao's eight residences in Beijing Qi Jian;
Let "fine" become an important symbol of Lanzhou's urban competitiveness Zeng Yue;
Brilliant "Longcheng" Little Orange Lights——Record of the Construction of the "Five Ones" Project by the Party Building Culture of Changzhou Urban Lighting Management Li Xiaoyan;
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Other years of urban and rural construction: [2018] [2017] [2016] [2015]
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