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Journal of University Libraries
Journal of Academic Libraries
Organizers: Peking University; Steering Committee of Library and Information Work of Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education
Cycle: bimonthly
Place of Publication: Beijing
Language: Chinese;
Folio: Big 16
ISSN 1002-1027
CN 11-2952 / G2
Post code 82-692
Founding year: 1983
ASPT Source
China Journal Net
2004 Core Journal
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Journal of University Libraries

06 June 2019
Reference book for standardized construction of library information resources Yang Lanxiang
Constructing the Basic Theory of University Library Operation Jing Cailing; Lu Qing;
On Mr. Liu Guojun's Academic Achievement——In Memory of Mr. Liu Guojun's 120th Birthday Wu Weici;
Planting peaches and cultivating plums, making every effort to pass the fire—the outstanding teaching record of Mr. Liu Guojun, a famous modern library science educator in China Xu Yan; Zhang Siyao; Wang Ping;
Mr. Liu Guojun's founding of Lanzhou Library Association and its influence Dong Yan; Tang Hongan;
Mr. Liu Guojun's Past in the Library Science Department of Peking University (1951-1952) Gu Xiaoguang; Guo Peng;
Mr. Liu Guojun's Study in Jinling University and Middle School——An Interpretation Based on the Archives and Other Materials Gu Yanqing;
Mr. Liu Guojun as a poet Wang Xincai;
Turin's great hopes, the same salary-Summary of the academic symposium to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the birth of the librarian Liu Guojun Liu Yuchu;
Analysis of Basic Statistics of Chinese University Libraries in 2018 Wu Hanhua; Wang Bo;
Research on Zero Data Theory and Its Application Model Wang Yanli; Yang Xinya; Ran Weiran;
Research and Practice on the Method of Adjusting the Printed Library Shelves Hu Yitao; Ren Huamei; Ye Hui;
Research on Evidence-Based Purchasing Model under the Changes of Digital Resource Purchasing Zhang Huan; Qin Hong;
Research on Long-Term Preservation and Utilization of DRAA Introduced Digital Resources Xu Su; Wang Jinling; Wang Jingfen;
Comparative Study of Metadata Standards for Research Data Based on Content Structure View Zhu Ling;
The Contradiction and Countermeasure of the Disciplinary Setting and Disciplinary Crossing in Discipline Evaluation——Taking the Civil Engineering Discipline of Tsinghua University as an Example Guan Cuizhong; Fan Aihong; Zeng Xiaomu;
OpenLib project and its inspiration for library services in the era of mobile reading Liu Lihua; Peng Jun; Zhang Yihong; Wu Mei; Hou Liying;
New Exploration of Cultural Inheritance and Innovation Service in University Library——Taking Beijing University Library Cultural Workshop as an Example Zhao Fei; Wu Yaping; Wang Cong; Hu Xiqin;
Designing Information Literacy Educational Games by Using Dual Channel Theory——Taking "Follow Me" as an Example Wu Jianhua; Ding Fuzhen; Jin Yiwen; Li Meijuan;
Persistence and Innovation: Historical Retrospect and Perspective of Chinese Bibliographic Education Wang Ping; Ke Ping;
Research on key perception points in digital reading selection Peng Aidong; Cai Xiaoyu; Yi Yihong;
"Deep Reading" Service of University Library in the "Shallow Reading" Era: Taking "Peking University Reading Lecture" as an Example Xiao Long; Liu Yaqiong; Zhang Chunhong; Zhang Haijian;
2018-2022 The Second Working Meeting of the Library and Information Work Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education Colleges and Universities Held in Sichuan University Jiang Xiao; Zhi Juan; Wang Bo;
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