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Archives and Construction
Archives & Construction
Host: Jiangsu Archives; Jiangsu Archives Society
Cycle: Monthly
Place of Publication: Nanjing, Jiangsu
Language: Chinese;
Folio: Big 16
ISSN 1003-7098
CN 32-1085 / G2
Founding year: 1984
ASPT Source
China Journal Net
2004 Core Journal
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Archives and Construction

2019 Issue 11
Expanding the field platform to improve the well-being of people's livelihood——A new chapter in convenient services for people's livelihood in Jiangsu
Thoughts and Strategies of Archives Resources Development from the Perspective of Memory Reproduction Tian Zhipeng;
Research on Archives Cultural and Creative Product Development Strategy from the Perspective of Social Media Luo Baoyong; Wu Yinuo;
Probe into the Features and Thoughts of Resource Integration of Local Archives after Institutional Reform Chen Haiyu; Wan Xiaoyu; Zhao Ran; Peng Jinhua;
The Smart Service Function of Wisdom Archives and Its Implementation He Yijing; Yang Zhiyong;
Research on Archive Users Based on User Value Theory Song Jingjing;
Construction of Electronic Archives Management Platform for Administrative Examination and Approval under the Background of "Release Management Service" Jiang Jianfeng; Jin Yan;
Research on Archives Information Management of Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Big Data——Taking Nanjing Vocational College of Communications Students' Skills Competition as an Example Zhu Hongru;
Construction and Application of Hospital Archives Risk Management System Based on Australian and New Zealand Risk Management Standards Ning Liyan; Shi Jianhong; Chen Jianrong; Chen Qiuzhu;
Overall planning and coordination to promote the construction of Pukou archives informatization to a new height Jiang Xueqing
70 years of family endurance Ye Yun;
"Archives and Construction" Monthly Order for 2020
Grand Canal Xuzhou
Qingyang Old Street Wang Caixing;
Investigation of old English typewriters in stock at Jiangnan Cement Plant Dai Yuanzhi
Commentary on the Research of Jiang Jieshi's Diary Ruan Ping; Wang Xiaoquan;
Cross-Strait Love Lu Wenting;
Jinling University Building Tracking and Its Value Implication Zhao Feifei;
Information fax
Hold on to the good thirty years Yu Zhihong;
Retaining Rural Memory and Inheriting Rural History: Innovation and Practice of Oral History Collection and Compilation in Pukou District, Nanjing Du Hua;
Manage the archives and serve the people, compose a new era of archives development in the new era Dou Xingchun;
Orally, record history with temperature and story Lin Yueling;
Talking about the Engineering Archives Data Management of Urban Public Infrastructure Project Agent Construction Agency Zhao Hongshu;
Analysis of Han Jun's Archive Management System Cui Mingjie;
Research on the Risk of Archive Information Dissemination in the Context of Media Convergence Zhu Lanlan; Li Lulu;
Research on Yang Dongquan's Archive Value Identification Ye Mengmeng;
Provincial Archives Receives First Catalogue of Historical Data on Chinese Films Cai He;
Director Chen Xiangyang attended the opening ceremony of Huaxia Film Cultural Center Cai He;
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