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Ordnance Automation
Ordnance Industry Automation
Sponsor: 58th Research Institute of China Ordnance Industry
Cycle: Monthly
Place of Publication: Mianyang, Sichuan
Language: Chinese;
Folio: Big 16
ISSN 1006-1576
CN 51-1419 / TP
Founding year: 1982
ASPT Source
China Journal Net
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Ordnance Automation

2019 Issue 11
Instructions for Submission of Ordnance Automation
Simulation of SINS / BDII Integrated Navigation Based on Flight Control Simulation System Peng Weiqi; Xu Jingshuo; Ma Shiguo;
Status and Development Analysis of Disposable Active Jammers for Foreign Army Typical Ground Shi Rong; Liu Jiang; Du Yu;
Particle Swarm Optimization Neural Network PID Control for a Certain Deep Electro-hydraulic Servo He Yuzheng; Gao Qiang; Hou Yuanlong;
Application of a Dynamic Modulation Method of Modulation Wave in Control of Three-level Inverter Wang Xiaoyu; Li Zicheng;
Data Mapping Relationship between S Series Standards Based on Natural Language Processing Zhang Qi; Wang Zheng; Zhu Xingdong; Fan Jiali;
Structure optimization method and supporting platform for conventional balance of wind tunnel Yi Guoqing; Shi Yujie; Mi Peng;
Method for forecasting demand for normal type non-repairable parts and spare parts Wang Ruiqi; Li Zhiqiang; Gu Junyuan; Fu Linyu;
Dynamic simulation of pilot pressure reducing valve based on AMESim Zhang Sheng; Ding Shouhe; Liao Ming; Ge Yudi;
Design technique of yaw channel control law for unmanned helicopter based on frequency domain identification method Gu Donglei;
Research on Modeling of Borehole Tube and Coupling Problem of Projectile Deng Huiyong; He Xunlai; Hai Yan; Yin Junhui;
Numerical simulation of projectile penetrating double-layer target plates Hou Fei; Tian Xiaoli; Yang Bo; Liu Runhua; Wang Jie;
Analysis of Consumption Law of Fire Support Ammunition Based on SD Model Wang Yijingxin; Liu Yu; Yu Renqing; Jungle Tiger; Li Xiangyang;
Numerical analysis of aerodynamic characteristics of a dexterous projectile Zhou Lei; Cai Hongming;
UAV reliability acceptance method Yao Yunfeng; Yu Lei;
Application of Reverse FTF Method in Fault Analysis of Missile Propellant Gao Meng; Lu Xiangqun; Ding Chao; Li Chao;
Method for evaluating preventive maintenance interval of vehicle equipment based on Monte Carlo simulation Zhao Xinghe; Zhou Bin; Feng Huijuan; Xu Kai; Zhang Heng;
"Ordnance Automation" Call for Papers
Data acquisition device for numerically controlled deep hole broaching machine tool Zhang Tianyou; Li Quanying;
Anti-submarine ship position configuration model based on submarine defense aircraft carrier formation Park Sung-il;
System value analysis method for weapon equipment system Zhao Hua; Pan Shuai; Wang Yan;
Discussion and Practice of Radar Equipment Fusion Support Mechanism Zhong Hui;
Improved ant colony algorithm to optimize general equipment distribution path Wang Wenshuang; Wang Rui; Gu Junyuan; Li Zhiqiang;
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