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Contemporary Youth Studies
Contemporary Youth Research
Hosted by: Youth Institute of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
Cycle: bimonthly
Place of Publication: Shanghai
Language: Chinese;
Folio: 16
ISSN 1006-1789
CN 31-1221 / C
Post code 4-551
Founding year: 1983
ASPT Source
China Journal Net
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Contemporary Youth Studies

05 May 2019
A Study on the Influencing Factors of Urban Courier Brothers' Willingness to Stay——A Study from the Perspective of Self-Determination Lian Si; Li Ying;
Prisoner's Dilemma: Young Rural Teachers in "National Culture" Fan Ningxue
Factors Influencing Youth Talent Cities' Root Willingness Yao Lianying;
The Influence of Socioeconomic Status and Subjective Class on Youth Happiness Yan Qisong;
Figurative Infiltration of Western Ideology and Youth-led Coping Strategies Yang Leqiang; Shen Tianling;
An Analysis of Marxist Social Outlook on the Religious Belief of College Students Sun Quansheng;
Dual Difficulties of College Students to Traditional Culture and Solutions Shi Yangjiu;
Exploration of Youth Moral Socialization from the Perspective of the All Media Li Li; Jin Xin;
Human Capital, Social Capital and Employment Quality of College Students——A Discussion Based on the Labor Market Segmentation Theory Hu Jianguo; Pei Yu;
Analysis of the Status Quo and Problems of Youth Professional Development He Fang;
Construction Status and Countermeasures of University Incubation Park Wu Hao;
Communist Youth League Grassroots Organization Construction and Youth Work Transformation and Development in the New Era Zeng Yanbo; Lu Yan; Zhang Bin;
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Analysis of Influential Factors of Young Women's Political Participation in Tibetan Areas Li Chunmei; Shi Xiaojuan;
Application of Theme Films in Ideological Education Liang Qin; Long Huan; Gao Cangjian;
An Analysis of the Concentric Circle Youth Organization System of the Chinese Communist Party in the Revolutionary Period Yang Linxiang
The Obstacles to the Political Identity of Overseas Youths and Exploration of Their Paths 佟 Asia;
Lost studies with work? ——Empirical Research on the Learning Needs of Contemporary Working Youth Fu Lei; Cheng Hao;
An Analysis of the Differences in Political Identity between Young Students in Shenzhen and Hong Kong: Based on the Senior Middle School History Curriculum Standards Zhang Kunjing;
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