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Popular Literature
Host: Mass Art Museum of Hebei Province
Cycle: half a month
Place of Publication: Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
Language: Chinese;
Folio: 16
ISSN 1007-5828
CN 13-1129 / I
Post code 18-45
Previous title (s): Club; Hebei Literature and Art; Hebei Story; Popular Literature and Art (Theory)
Founding year: 1956
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China Journal Net
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Popular Literature

2019 Issue 21
Lei Xiaohong Original Lyrics Lei Xiaohong;
Inside out series Ma Qi;
On the balanced development of public cultural services between urban and rural areas in China Li Yitao;
On the Function of Mass Cultural Activities and the Organization and Development Methods Pei Yu;
Talk about the role of mass cultural activities Yu Jinshuo;
On How to Do Well-being Music Training in Cultural Centers——Taking the Cultural Center of Pingyang County as an Example Wang Chuchu
Research on the Spiritual Culture Construction of the Elderly in Urban Communities Zhang Yidan;
Research on Optimizing the Cultural Atmosphere of Community Residents Zhou Tian;
Talking about the Importance of Cultural Life in Community Pension Song Jiahui;
SWOT Analysis of Urban Seniors' Participation in Cultural Activities——Taking Songjiang District of Shanghai as an Example Liu Lingjun; Li Hanwei;
Visual analysis of elderly cultural life Huang Yidan; Li Hanwei;
Research on Digital Development of Mass Culture Guo Yue;
Humanity Writing of Tie Ning's Country Novels Lin Yana;
Analysis of Song Zhuo's Comments by Li Zhuowu and Jin Shengtan Wu Lu;
A Comparative Study of "Significant Form" and Chinese Classical "Image" Often
On Tu Long's "Spiritual" Literary Thoughts Han Yanbo;
The Destruction and Establishment of Dionysos and Euripides' Inner Wasteland——Taking "Bacchus" as an Example Li Ningyu;
A Study of Traditional Chinese Colors in A Dream of Red Mansions Su Jing;
Architectural Image of Grand View Garden Based on Cultural Prototype Perspective——Taking Yihong Courtyard, Xiaoxiang Pavilion, and Wuwu Garden as Examples Li Chang;
On Marx's Literary Theory and Its Contemporary Value Liu Hongzhi;
An Analysis of the Narrative Structure of the Chinese Snake Lang Story Zhang Hui;
Personality Charm of Advanced Intellectuals from the Perspective of Space Yang Baojie;
The Formation and Poetry Creation of Dongtao Poetry Group in the Early Qing Dynasty Yue Jin;
A Study of "Feeling Description" in Mo Yan's Novels Zhang Tingyu;
A Study on the Artistic Features and Inheritance of Cili Slap Wang Qunya;
Investigation on the Survival Status of Linqing Drum and Its Protective Countermeasures Liu Changlong;
Analysis of Sichuan Folk Sugar Painting Art Liu Jiaqiao
On Aesthetic Implications in Folk Arts and Crafts Wang Yazhu
Modeling and production techniques for puppet image design Shu Shilin
Analysis of the interior design of the cafe in the commercial block Wang Yue; Wang Xingxing; Zhou Chao;
The Meeting of Chinese Traditional Mythological Image and Modern Fashion Design——Taking the Work "A Mountain with Wood" Huang Wenyi;
Research on Building Decoration Materials and Interior Environment Design Hu Yanhui;
Research on Design of Commuter Equipment for Urban Metro under the Background of Availability Jin Songtao;
Research on the Application of Graphic Language in Visual Communication Design Cao Yixin
Changes and Promotion of Urban Environmental Design from the Perspective of Ecological Aesthetics Luo Kunming; Dong Lina;
Draw Childlike Hearts-Make Children's Ink Paintings Full of Life Wu Zhekai; Geng Tao;
On the Application of Jiangnan Culture in the Design of "Jiangnan Impression" Craft Tea Set Xiang Jinwu;
Application of Art Design Concept in Affordable Housing Guo Min;
A Preliminary Study of the Grand Canal Cultural Creativity and Derivative Design from the Perspective of Yangzhou's "Qianlong Xia Jiangnan" Theme You Jingjing
Research on the Method of Creating the Sense of Belonging in Urban Community Landscape——Taking the Gallus Community in Germany as an Example Duan Ning;
Application of kite in interior decoration design Gao Ziyu; Yan Wenqi;
Application of Traditional Culture in International Advertising Design Liu Qing;
Research on the Interior Design of Single Women's SOHO House Nan Liyu; Fang Hua;
Study on the Interaction between "People and Environment" in Landscape Design of Contemporary Urban Residential Areas Wang Gege
Talking about the reference of traditional craftsmanship to modern design and fusion innovation Cheng Yeshuai;
Development and Application of Modern Installation Art in Urban Space Yang Rongjun; Di Wenhe;
Study on the Application of Localization of Waterfront Landscape——A Case Study of Qijiang Park in Zhongshan, Guangzhou Zhang Yan; Zhang Yao;
A Probe into the Historical Value and Characteristics of the Painting Art of Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties Zou Shasha;
Analysis of the works of Austrian expressionist painter Egon Schiller——Taking Death and Maiden as an example Park Rihong;
Realist wastelander-Massaccio Xuan Chen; Wen Zaiyu;
A Brief Analysis of Baroque Art-Small Dutch School Zhuang Qiang; Wen Zaiyu;
Regional Study of Byzantine Style from the Perspective of Imaging Sha Mei; Xu Lei;
Talking about the influence of ancient stone appreciation on Chinese garden art Zhang Xuqing; Tang Yanmei;
An Analysis of the Traditional Cultural Narrative Mode of University Campus Architecture——Taking Building 11 of Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art as an Example Kuang Shujin; Wang Bing;
Creating a Beautiful Rural Town with Economic, Cultural, and Landscape Integration: Taking Guantao County as an Example Wu Yongning; Chen Wei; Xiong Yao;
Analysis on the Construction of Space Environment of Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art Jiang Xinlan;
On the Aesthetic Characteristics and Cultural Connotation of Crying Tigers Wang Canbin; Wang Miao; Zhang Yang;
Analysis of the application of eye movement technology in the field of clothing research Fang Leilei
Aesthetic Research on the Decoration of "Shang Hei" in Jizhou Kiln in Song Dynasty Wang Zhanfeng; Liu Yafang; Zhang Lizao;
New era red art "culture +" protection strategy Lu Yan; Li Haibo;
Exploring the Research Status and Value of Decorative Patterns in Kizil Grottoes Zhou Yang;
Ancient Ship Model Reproduction Guo Rui;
Study on Traditional Burning Methods of Xing Kiln White Porcelain Li Guanliang; Li Tinghua;
Study on Productive Landscape Functions and Features Enhancement of Water Villages in Zhejiang Chen Haoxu; Hong Yan;
Study on Ecological Factors Optimization of Vertical Gardens in Urban Complex——Taking Yancheng, Jiangsu as an Example Fan Jie; Zhang Xinwen;
Analysis of Design Aesthetics of Traditional Woodworking Tools——Taking Horizontal Planer as an Example Qin Juying; Chen Guiru; Hu Jincheng;
Exploring the combination of modern zheng music and electronic music sounds: Taking the mixed electronic music work "Amazing" as an example Lu Jing; Liu Simin;
Literature Review of Hanshui Basin Music Culture Research (1980-2018) Zhu Rui;
An Analysis of the Singing Characteristics and Connotation of the Singing Song Stone barrier;
Exploration of the Body Language of Drama in the Creation of the Drama "Macbeth" Fang Wen;
On the Reference of Li Liuyi's Works to Traditional Chinese Opera Aesthetics from the Perspective of Narration Wei Yongmei
On the Application of Discontinuity in Broadcast News Broadcasting Lu Meichen
An Analysis of the History and Development of Feminist Film Theory Ju Chuanyou; Zhang Xin;
Analysis of Audience Psychology and Subject Innovation Practices of Campus Short Videos Zheng Shuo; Lu Qinzheng;
Study on the Promotion of the Cultural Development of Liaoning's Urban Film and Television Fu Binbin;
Analysis of the spread characteristics and impact of domestic vlog Ju Chuanyou; Liu Sha;
An Analysis of the Game in the Animation "Balance" Cheng Lan;
An Analysis of the Localized Aesthetic Style of Domestic Animation Films Yu Hong;
The main rhetorical methods of image suggestion in picture book design Jiang Yue
A Practical Study on the Application of Rural Resources in Art Education Activities in Rural Kindergartens Mou Yizheng;
Analysis on the application of bamboo weaving technology in the manual course of secondary vocational normal school Zhao Yan;
Exploration of Specialized Class Teaching in Independent Colleges in the New Era Wang Min; Han Gui;
Teaching Design of Practical English Writing in Senior Middle School Based on Supporting Teaching Model Zheng Hangwei; Yu Fangmin;
Analysis and inspiration of poster design teaching at Poznan University of the Arts Hu Shuhan;
Visual arts-a hidden helper to advance online education Li Weican;
Research on the Internal Layered Teaching Mode of College German Combined with E-Learning Platform Zhuang Li;
Principles and Path Choices of Constructing Applied Liberal Curriculum System in Colleges and Universities Zhong Yihu;
On the Innovation of Teaching Methods in Design Sketch Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges Yang Wen;
On the Path of Professional Development of College Counselors in the New Era Li Wentao; Ren Zhaoni;
Reflections on the Reform and Development of College Dance Teaching under the New Situation Education Zhang Haibo;
Research on the Countermeasures of Social Practice Activity Learning from the Perspective of Activity-based Curriculum Li Yanwen;
Research on the Problems and Strategies of Peking Opera Class Teaching in Colleges and Universities Li Yan;
On the Cultivation of College Students' Cultural Confidence in the New Media Age Yang Xiaohong;
Analysis on the Path of General Education in Sino-foreign Cooperative Undergraduate Programs——Taking the Sino-British International College of Shanghai University of Science and Technology as an Example Huang Ying;
A Review of Researches on Undergraduates' Learning Styles and Improving Strategies under the Background of Informationization Chen Xin;
Research on Japanese Family Etiquette Education Jia Hexia
Skillful Tools: Strategies for Improving Children's Drawing Art in Small Classes ark;
A Study on the Innovation of Talent Cultivation Model of Art Design Major in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Cultural and Creative Industries Liu Yang;
Characteristics of Chinese Education——The Rise and Development of Children's Models Liu Changwen;
Research on the Construction of Educational Guiding Mechanism for Adolescents' Core Values Wang Yan;
An Analysis of the Impact of "Ant Anthurium" on College Students' Consumption: A Case Study of Nanjing Forestry University Zhu Rong; Bei Shuhua;
Exploring the Practical Teaching Mode of "Combining Academy and League, Learning and Performance" in Art Colleges——An Empirical Study Based on the Original Stage Play "Legend of Taihu" by Jiangnan Vocational College of Film and Television Zhang Jing;
The Foundation of "Goodness" —— Construction of "Goodness" by Nishida Kitaro Bi Wenlong;
Talking about Ding Ding's solution to the cattle and the thinking of present life Wu Minglu;
Implications of Process Philosophy of "Two Mountains" Zheng Yushan;
Ugly "irrational" characteristics Sun Dechuan;
On the Development of Community Thought from Ecological Literature Cao Mengjiao
Value Analysis and Protection of Traditional Villages——Taking Lingxi Village in Tiantai County as an Example Zheng Yan; Yang Xiaojun;
Research on Sports Culture Development of Sports and Leisure Towns——Taking Shaanxi Province as an Example Song Xin; Zhan Shaowen;
Research on Hegel's View of Practice Guo Fangcai;
Difficulties and Suggestions for Tourism Development in Ethnic Villages: A Case Study of Nakong Village in Zhenfeng County Shi Kai; Bai Yun; Liang Yonglan;
Cultural Construction of Forest Recreation Industry Bloomberg; Li Zheming;
Impressions of Miao Village Fan Ding;
Qi Dong Liao Ang;
"Good body cannot be separated from a reasonable diet" Yan Weina
"Did your flag come true?" Yan Weina
Autumn Scenery (Pro) Yuan Yu;
Superposition-Decreasing-Speaker Yuan Yu;
Chinese painting "After the New Rain of the Miao Family" Yang Junxian;
郗 斯 kong in Beifu Li Bocheng;
Oracle couplet "Liangyu is more beautiful than a gentleman" Sui Bangping;
Running book works Bao Zheng, "Shubi, Duanju County" Huang Zhendong;
Research on Fabric Products in Environmental Protection Materials Guo Xiangqing; Wang Wei;
Into the Life——On the Modern Innovative Design of Rongchang Xiabu Song Jiali; Huang Xiuying; Bao Ting;
Cultural and Creative Design of Twenty-Four Solar Terms Based on Experience Ding Wenlu;
Analysis on the Development and Future of Cultural and Creative Product Design in Nanjing Museum Li Zhizhang; Zhou Yangjing; Li Mengyu;
Architectural decoration of traditional houses in southern Fujian Feng Yiyang
On How to Integrate the Art of Landscape Design into the Living Environment——Taking the Six Senses Hotel as an Example Gu Sihui; Chen Wei; Xiong Yao;
Talking about the Reuse of Old Buildings in B & B Design Cai Yongjun;
On the Discourse Hegemony in Kipling's Book of the Jungle <Riki Tiki Tavi> Wang Fei; Ning Mei;
American and Japanese Ecological Literature in the Age Zhao Qingrong; Chen Aiqin;
A Zen Comparison Between Hanshan Poems and Matsuo Basho Haiku Zheng Meiyuan;
On the Differences and Reasons of the Male Protagonists' Marriage Attitudes in The Pipa and the Jade Zhang Yi;
On Duanmu Yiliang's Anti-Japanese Novels 佟 and case;
Patriarchal Narratives in Mo Yan's Novels Wang Shizhen
Fossilization of Chinese Acquisition by HSK Level One Students and Its Countermeasures——Taking IMS University in Pakistan as an Example Han Liu;
A Comparative Analysis of the Semantic Features of the "Be" Type Existential Sentences and Their Edge Existential Sentences in Chinese Zhang Ting; Zeng Xianmo;
Investigation and Analysis of Short-term Chinese Cultural Projects in China in Recent Years Yang Yang;
Status Quo and Countermeasures of Yugu Ethnic Oral Literature Translation Guo Xiujuan;
The Classification and Correspondence of Self Verbs in Japanese Teaching Yin Na;
Substantive discussion of first-person pronoun I Liao Bin; Tan Zhanhai;
Research on Conceptual Transformation from the Perspective of Frame Semantics——Taking Xu Yuanchong's Translation of Ou Yangxiu's Linjiang Xian as an Example Tu Guiping; Li Tianxian;
Translation Strategy of Conceptual Metaphors in British and American Cosmetics Advertisements Shi Hongyan; Wang Jiebo;
Skills of Translating Japanese Conjunctive Modifiers into Sentences: A Case Study of "Head-to-Head Method" Lu Yenan; Lin Yan;
"Familiar" and "Unfamiliar" Scenery——Finding Factors Resonating in Wang Anyi's Song of Everlasting Regret Zhang Bai;
The Protection and Inheritance and Innovation of Sichuan Quyi Art——Taking Sichuan Yangqin as an Example Weng Meiling;
The Shout in Silence——The Representational Symbol and Second Interpretation of Rachmaninoff's "Prelude Op.23 No.5" Guo Jiayuan;
A bird's eye view of the world's national music in a multicultural context: Taking Southeast Asia as an example Zhao Xiaohua;
Western Folk Songs——A Probe into the Musical Characteristics of Acura Li Jianju; Wu Dan; Han Yating;
Explore the fusion of square dance creation and ethnic folk dance elements Li Shengfang
Functional Analysis of CCTV Spring Festival Evening Essays to Guide Social Opinion——Taking CCTV Spring Festival Evening Essays as an Example Wu Bing;
On the artistic expression of the historical and cultural documentary "The Road to Rice" Du Shengwei;
Moth Elegy: Construction of the Female Tragedy Image in Streetcar Desire Guan Zepei
The Formation of Kang Youwei's Theory of Painting Innovation Huang Wei;
Interpretation of the Artistic Conception of "Peach Blossom Source" in Chinese and Korean Landscape Paintings Zhou Hao;
On Chinese Freehand Figure School Zhu Yixin; Chen Wei;
Modernity and Aesthetic Features of Contemporary Ink Painting Wang Qin;
"Skull and Skull" and the Survival State of the Southern Song Dynasty Xiao Wei;
Build cultural halls (stations) with special highlights to better meet the people's higher aspirations for a better life Liu Haichao;
The importance of spontaneous protection of intangible cultural heritage Wang Miao;
The Thought of "Zhong" and Its Contemporary Significance Sun Mingxin;
The New Trend of the Implementation of the Public Cultural Service Guarantee Law and the Development of Cultural Centers Xu Shuhong;
On the Comparison of Architecture and History and Culture of Bishan College from the Locality Li Ningning;
Causes and Countermeasures of Aggressive Behaviors of Preschool Children Bao Jie; Feng Rui;
Analysis on the Significance and Teaching Purpose of Piano Courses in Preschool Education Chen Qiying;
Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of Art Majors in Hubei Province Yu Fang;
Integration and Application of Image Resources in the Course of Composition of Interior Design Major Zhang Hongying;
A Probe into the Gains and Losses of News Interview and Writing Teaching Practice Gong Ailing;
Research on the Clan Cultural Context in Time-honored Brands——Taking the Fan of Wang Xingji as an Example Li Lu;
Water transport highlights historical status, food culture highlights local flavors—a manifestation of the fusion of cultural resources of Huai'an and the tourism industry from "Yunyun Salt Transport + Huaiyang Cuisine" Wu Yansheng;
On the Expression of Female Images in the Murals of the Tombs of the Tang Dynasty Ding Yan;
On the Influence of Nature Worship on Japanese Fine Arts Fan Ye;
Love of a Ginkgo biloba (outside two) Yang Yajun
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