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Chinese Book Review Monthly
Hosted by: Guangming Daily
Cycle: Monthly
Place of Publication: Beijing
Language: Chinese;
Folio: Small 16
ISSN 1000-4173
CN 11-1091 / G2
Post code 2-868
Previous title: Baolin Seeking
Founding year: 1995
ASPT Source
China Journal Net
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2019 Issue 10
Wang Xuebin remarks Wang Xuebin;
Chinese painting "The Birth of New China" (partial) Tang Yongli
Liu Yuejin speech Liu Yuejin;
Looking at the Transformation of People from "The Prequel of Iron Wood" —— Part Three of "Rereading Red Classics" Zhou Yan;
Thanks to "lily" is not called "a quilt"-the fifth of "rereading the red classic" Leaf tip;
"Yanyuan Flowers" Wang Jinwu
Scribbled in the Book of Changes Xu Yunchao;
Why the Communist Party of China can govern for a long time Dai Mucai;
National Treasure Repairer
Wang Jinglin remarks Wang Jinglin
Liu Wenxi and the Historical Mission of Huangtu School Ma Wensheng;
On Wang Xiaoshuai's Video Style from "Long Jiu Tian Chang" Liu Qiang; Ren Guozheng;
"Five Cool History" Zhao Xiangqun; Jia Xiaojun;
Wang Zhiqing remarks Wang Zhiqing;
Follow Shier to Read the Colors of Spring——Part Three of "The Rhyme in the Forest" and Ecological Poems Sand gull
Is this just the "Tragic Song of the Countryman" in the United States? Zhang Wei;
"Teapot: Tolerance is Big" Chi Zongxian
Editor's note editor;
Pre-Tang Chongyang Customs and Li Yong——One of "Chong Yang Li Yong" Jiang Jianyun; Sun Xiaojuan;
Methodology of Sinology Zhu Guangxian;
Transmutation of Tang Poems and Chongyang——Part Two of "Chongyang Literature" Liu Quanfa;
Why Tang Poems Favor "Meng Jia's Hat" and "White Wine Delivery" —— Part Three of "Chongyang Wenyong" Ren Mengchi;
Du Fu's Sorrow and the Beauty of Chongyang Poems——Fourth of "Chongyang Literature" Li Han;
Transfer reading power and build a scholarly society
Hardened Thoughts, Peace of Mind——I Send "Expo Books"
Speech at the wedding and its millions of readers Dai Jianye;
Zhang Kangkang is also a prose writer Zhou Jihong;
Perseverance and Revolution: Shen Congwen's Choice Zhao Yipeng;
It seems like "Walden Lake" in the old style poetry version-"The Harvest in the Forest" and Ecological Poems (2) Liang Tianming;
Stone Can't Say I'm Endorsement——One of "The Rhyme in the Forest" and Ecological Poems Wang Zhiqing;
Lu Xun and the Publishing World Wu Zhongjie;
"Blizzard Tonight" and the Great Northern Wilderness-"Rereading the Red Classics" Part VI Liu Xiaoyu;
Awakening of Youth in Long Live Youth——Fourth Reading of the Red Classics Xu Gang;
"Nandu Ji" is sharper than "Four Generations"-"Rereading the Red Classics" Part Two Li Jiefei;
Underrated "In the Days of Peace"-One of "Rereading the Red Classics" Tao Qingmei
Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhao Qingyun;
Where is the immortal gene of the Historian Chen Dedi
When governing legitimacy is not completed Wang Rongyou;
"Blood War Xiangjiang Festival" and the Battle of Xiangjiang Hu Shan
Failing to donate his book to the library of Peking University-Part Three Liu Shuli;
The Home of "Beijing Drift" —— Part Two of "Beijing Library's Hundred Sense Pens" Li Ruiqing;
Library, one of my other teachers at Peking University-one of the "Beijing Library's Hundred Sense Pens" Wang Jinglin
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