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Journal of Bengbu Medical College
Journal of Bengbu Medical College
Host: Bengbu Medical College
Cycle: Monthly
Place of Publication: Bengbu City, Anhui Province
Language: Chinese;
Folio: Big 16
ISSN 1000-2200
CN 34-1067 / R
Post code 26-37
Founding year: 1976
ASPT Source
China Journal Net
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Journal of Bengbu Medical College

2019 Issue 11
Construction of eukaryotic recombinant plasmid pCDNA3.1-Flag-PTEN and prokaryotic recombinant plasmid pGEX-6P-1-GST-PTEN Chai Yun; Yu Ming; Zhu Ying;
Effects of puerarin on bone tissue and PI3K / Akt signal transduction pathway in rats with steroid-induced femoral head necrosis Zeng Suolin; Shi Nengbing; Liu Yi;
Study on the Differentiation of Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition and Autophagy in Triple-negative Breast Cancer Feng Chen; Zhu Chao; Yu Dingzhen; Liu Yunxia; Song Zaozhi; Wang Qingkang; Qian Jun;
Effects of pulsed electrical stimulation combined with curcumin on dorsal skin melanoma in mice Zhao Yuli; Liu Yuepeng; Huang Houqin;
Expression and clinical significance of gap junction protein 26 and nuclear transcription factor κB in primary and lymph node metastases of triple-negative breast cancer Liu Yuanyuan; Liu Juan; Yang Yan; Zhang Jinlian; Gong Youjie; Ou Yurong;
Initial application of closed-loop target control system for precise anesthesia in painless colonoscopy in elderly patients Ling Yunzhi; Liu Gang; Sun Yiyun; Li Xiaohong; Liang Qisheng; Huang Yuanyun;
Brain oxygen saturation monitoring technology guides the application of intraoperative interventions to reduce the incidence of cognitive dysfunction after cardiac surgery Min Xiangzhen; Gao Guohao; Guo Rui; Wang Nanhai;
Analysis of sacral canal decompression combined with lumbar-pelvic fixation in the treatment of traumatic sacral fracture with spinal-pelvic separation Duan Chao;
Clinical effect of selenium on Hashimoto's thyroiditis and oxidative antioxidant system Zhou Lulu; Jin Guoxi; Lu Gaoyou; Wang Chun; Li Juan;
The prognostic value of comorbid diseases in patients with COPD in patients with stable COPD Yu Xiaodan; Li Yan;
Distribution of sputum pathogens and bacterial resistance in 450 children with severe community-acquired pneumonia Su Guode; Wu Yi; Qu Changxue;
Therapeutic effect of tranexamic acid perfusion on blood loss after complex tibial plateau fractures Wang Zhihuan; Zhang Xiaodong; Diao Tianhua; Zhang Jingbiao; Wu Shuai; Zheng Zhiyuan;
Effect of Vitagliptin on Bone Metabolism and Bone Mineral Density in Perimenopausal Women with Type 2 Diabetes Li Chunmei; Chen Pin; Lin Yiyang; Xu Xiangjin;
Clinical efficacy and safety of methylprednisolone and ~ (99) Tc methylene diphosphate in the treatment of thyroid-related ophthalmopathy Shao Wei; Shi Yongdi; Wang Yun; Liang Jin; Wu Kun;
Effects of different doses of dexmedetomidine hydrochloride on the pressor effect of patients undergoing orthopedic general anesthesia Chen Peng; Chen Wei; Zhang Yi; Tan Min;
Comparison of the effects of two kinds of field radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy under static modulation on patients with postoperative lymph node-positive gastric cancer Yang Yang;
Analysis of influencing factors of failure of Helicobacter pylori eradication Yuan Longliang; Xin Yi; Wang Qizhi;
Effects of locking plate internal fixation combined with sodium hyaluronate on knee function and comprehensive stress status after tibial plateau fracture Zhao Gangyi;
Prenatal diagnosis and analysis of chromosome karyotypes in 1134 cases of fetal amniotic fluid with different indications Wang Qingmei; Cao Xu; Liang Yu;
Diagnostic value of serum procalcitonin, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and white blood cell count in early childhood infections Zhang Wenting; Yang Hui; Cai Xiang;
Correlation analysis between colorectal polyps and Helicobacter pylori infection Yan Bo; Yang Shanfeng; Li Xiang;
CT imaging and pathological manifestations of primary pulmonary cryptococcosis Li Xiaoguang; Xie Zongyu; Kang Houyi; Mao Yi; Ma Qiang; Zhang Weiguo;
Value of ultramicrovascular imaging in detecting neovascularization of carotid plaque Ding Zhong; Zhang Feng; Cheng Jiang; Huang Yanlu;
Relationship between changes in blood pressure in middle-aged and elderly people and new carotid plaque Li Wen; Zhao Jianqiu; Li Junjuan; Song Lu; Chen Shuohua; Wu Shouling;
Application of Ultrasound Features of Fetal Intracranial Structure during 11 ~ 13 ~ (+6) Pregnancy in Diagnosis of Open Spina bifida Wu Zeshan; Chen Xueling; Wang Xiamei;
Application value of color Doppler ultrasound in diagnosis of inferior vena cava obstruction in Budd-Chiari syndrome Hou Jianrong; Ren Qingqin;
Relationship between female college students' premenstrual syndrome, personality characteristics and menstrual attitude Li Jinzhi; Xu Huashan; Bai Jie; Wang Manli; Liu Min;
Mediating role of emotion management in job satisfaction and self-efficacy of standardized training for residents Zhao Jing; Yang Qingyu; Wan Juan; Xue Fang;
Effect of continuous nursing on the level of hope and quality of life of patients with radical colon cancer Chen Yongxia; Bai Ru; Chen Na; Wang Wanxia;
Exact usage of approximate numbers
Analysis of fear of disease progression and its influencing factors in patients with breast cancer after chemotherapy Zhang Rong; Zhang Jing;
Best Evidence for Anxiety and Depression Management in Lung Cancer Chemotherapy Patients Liu Huahua; Jiang Hong; Feng Wei; Ding Xiaoyun; Yang Jiani; Xing Xiaoyan; Zheng Jie; Chen Danqing; Shen Xiaofang;
The Value of Maslow's Basic Needs Hierarchy Theory in Preventing Depression after New-onset Cerebral Infarction in Basal Ganglia Ma Jianning; Wang Fei; Xu Qin; Hu Shanyou; Huang Weiping;
Subscription for "Journal of Bengbu Medical College"
Meta-integration of caregiver experience for cancer patients in China He Xiaofeng; Wang Ling; Li Ling; Yuan Chunlan;
Effects of prospective nursing intervention on sleep quality, anxiety and depression in patients with ICU awake Meng Xia; Wang Chunyan; Ou Qinfang; Lu Hailin;
Effect evaluation of kangaroo nursing program on improving oral feeding of preterm infants He Li; Huang Chaomei; Liu Dan; Shao Qiaoyi; Wu Zhaolei; Jia Xiaoqin;
Application effect of Nail mobile office platform in training of scientific research, skills and theoretical knowledge of nurses Tao Wenjing; Ma Qian; Zhang Huan; Liu Ling; Yin Yanan;
Evaluation of the Intervention Effect of Continuing Nursing in the Self-maintenance of PICC Catheter under Internet Thinking Yang Jinzhi; Sun Caixia; Niu Ping; Ge Jing; Gao Tianxia; Chen Fang;
Effect Observation of Improved "Y + One" Nasal Tracheal Intubation Fixation Wang Yue; Xu Bing;
Taizhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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