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Contemporary livestock and poultry farming
Modern Animal Husbandry
Host: Inner Mongolia Academy of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Animal Husbandry
Cycle: Monthly
Place of Publication: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
Language: Chinese;
Folio: Big 16
ISSN 1005-5959
CN 15-1150 / S
Post code 16-49
Previous title: Inner Mongolia Animal Husbandry
Founding year: 1980
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China Journal Net
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Contemporary livestock and poultry farming

2019 09
How to develop cattle and sheep breeding Geng Bing;
Discussion on Supervision Measures of Large-scale Farms Zhao Lan;
Effect of high osmotic pressure on continuous passage of BHK-21 cells in suspension culture Kang Heping; Duan Jianfei; Guo Jianjun; Li Chunyan; Cheng Junfeng;
Cultivation technology of alfalfa Meng Qingping;
Simple submission
Contemporary livestock and poultry farming
Discussion on Problems and Countermeasures in Grass-roots Animal Epidemic Prevention Yang Rong;
How to effectively reduce the burden of chicken epidemic prevention Zhang Xiaping; Wu Dan; Liu Dongdong; Li Wei;
Research on Key Techniques of Animal Epidemic Prevention in Basic Veterinary Stations Li Shaoming;
Brief Analysis on Quarantine of Animal Origin in Zhaoyang District Yu Fengchun; Li Gaoyin;
Talking about the Construction and Prevention and Control Measures of Grassroots Animal Veterinary Epidemic Prevention Ju Shuna;
Analysis on the relationship between agricultural machinery safety production and agricultural and animal husbandry development Su Haiyun;
Zoonotic infection conditions and comprehensive control measures Wu Dan; Li Wei; Liu Dongdong; Zhang Xiaping;
Discussion on Teaching Reform of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary in Colleges and Universities Sang Xiaoyu; Jiang Ning; Wang Jianmin; Liu Jinling; Yao Longquan; Feng Ying; Chen Ran; Yang Na;
Diagnosis and treatment of tracheal embolism and arthroplasty in piglets Qin Yong;
Diagnosis and treatment of vesicular stomatitis in rabbits Xiang Chengxi;
Discussion on Common Duck Diseases in Autumn and Winter Wang Jinfeng;
Feeding management measures for caged broilers Li Xiuli;
Application of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Theory in Calf Diarrhea Li Junming;
Key points of ecological pig breeding and its future development trend Weng Xiaohui;
How to maintain the gut health of your flock Dong Juanjuan
Application of copper sulfate in chicken breeding Zhang Mingxiu;
Feeding management of pigs in ecological fermentation bed Ren Wei;
Common diseases of domestic chicken and preventive measures Liu Junlong;
Discussion on Clinical Symptoms and Prevention Methods of Toxoplasmosis in Swine Tong Dafei
Causes of piglet diarrhea and prevention measures Ma Hongxia;
Analysis of the prevalence, diagnosis and control of toxoplasmosis in swine Ling Xiangtian; Luo Qijuan;
Chicken cold prevention method and breeding management measures Zuo Ping;
Etiological analysis and prevention strategies of porcine endometritis Nong Tengchang;
Clinical medication and scientific prevention measures for sheep disease Zhang Jiandong;
Common management precautions in chicken production Zhang Chunling; Li Mei;
Analysis of the cause of a foot-and-mouth disease in swine Xu Yuliang;
The etiology, clinical characteristics and preventive measures of sheep enterotoxemia Deng Linlin
Key Points for Controlling Salmonella in Chicken Farms Li Mei; Zhang Chunling;
Symptoms of swine respiratory diseases and prevention methods Li Hui;
Comprehensive prevention and control technology of piglet edema Tiger wind plum
Key points of diagnosis and control of chicken colibacillosis Zhang Chen; Li Wenman;
Occurrence and control measures of swine fever Zhang Xiaping; Wu Dan; Li Wei; Liu Dongdong; Ma Xiaoyuan;
Problems Existing in Feeding Management of High Yield Cows and Improvement Measures Sir Eli Ibrahim;
Ways to improve hatchability of breeding eggs Sun Jinping;
Essentials of Ecological Chicken Breeding Management Technology Liu Jinxiu
Feeding management tips during cow pregnancy Huang Chuyi
New perspectives on early broiler management Yang Huizhen;
Clinical effect of Chinese herbal medicine on cow endometritis Ma Xueli;
Germplasm characteristics of Sushan pigs and their breeding management techniques Sun Baoquan; Li Bixia; Fang Xiaomin; Wu Guotai; Ren Shouwen;
Observation on the curative effect of four traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions on chicken colibacillosis Zhao Zhiyan; Cai Xiaoli; Fu Liyun; Chen Zhiqiang;
Inner Mongolia Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Innovation Alliance was established in Inner Mongolia Academy of Agriculture and Animal Science
Analysis of stress hazards in aquaculture and countermeasures Shi Na;
Analysis on the Technology of Large-scale Anti-season Hairy Crab in Ecological Farming Tan Shunzheng; He Yang; Tang Chunmeng; Wang Xiyou; Tang Yan; Li Chunrong;
Application of DHI technology in breeding of high-yielding dairy cows Wang Lingling;
Issues of contemporary livestock and poultry farming in 2019: [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07] [08] [09] [10]
Other years of contemporary livestock and poultry farming: [2018] [2017] [2016] [2015]
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