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Northern animal husbandry
Sponsor: Chinese Society of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Cycle: half a month
Place of Publication: Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
Language: Chinese;
Folio: 16
CN 13-1338 / S
Post code 18-323
Founding year: 2003
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China Journal Net
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Northern animal husbandry

2019 Issue 23
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: Strictly cracking down on illegal production and operation of non-blast vaccines and other illegal acts
Actively carry out work to maintain and stabilize prices in the pork market
Take multiple measures to speed up the recovery of pig production capacity
Hebei implements special subsidies for stable pig production
Baoding's in-depth progress in the three-year pilot program of "food to feed" has achieved remarkable results
Annual Report on Quality Local Chickens in Hebei Province Liu Xiaowang; Ma Chunjiu; Zhou Weihong; Li Jian; Liu Wenke; Li Huiqing; Zhang Xueduan;
Eggs: Supported by stocking demand will continue to strengthen
Analysis on the whole process quality control technology of pig safety Li Xiaoli; Ma Xiuguo; Li Yandong;
The overall production of pigs has entered a period of stop-fall and rebound
The price of pigs fell more than 20% from the highest point, and prices returned to normal or after the Spring Festival.
Stable breeding expectations to ensure farmers have “no worry about raising pigs”
Prevention and control of African swine fever, eventually return to biosecurity
Non-productive days is a threshold for farm management Wang Chengrui;
Disinfection with pigs is one of the effective methods to control environmental pollution and spread of disease in pig houses
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: Up to 30,000 yuan in reward for reporting African swine fever
The state treats veterinary antibacterial drugs from five aspects
Surveillance and Analysis of Dairy Cows in Luancheng District of Shijiazhuang City in 2019 Liu Ying; Zhang Tao; Cheng Lihua; Bian Qingyan; Shi Xingya; Zuo Yuzhu; Lu Guangji; Fan Jinghui;
Talking about sow batch production management technology Jia Jingliang; Zhang Pengcheng; Song Fengge; Chen Xu;
Analysis of Main Factors Affecting Immune Effect of Laying Hen Rhinitis Zhao Junhe; Yang Baosheng; Zhang Shaobing;
Diagnosis and Treatment of Chicken Eimeria Coccidiosis Xu Yumei;
On Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Cow Mastitis Wang Feifei;
Diagnosis and treatment report of nutritional diarrhea misdiagnosed as rotavirus Zhou Dawei; Zhao Mingli; Han Jie; Zheng Ruirui;
Five blind spots of business strategy
How do leaders build wolf teams?
The essence of management is to capture people's hearts
Three pitfalls that sales personnel in the animal protection industry should avoid Ge Junzhen;
How to build channel core competitiveness? Huang Lihong
Points for dealers to choose products
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