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Northern Horticulture
Northern Horticulture
Host: Heilongjiang Horticultural Society; Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences Editing and Publishing Center
Cycle: half a month
Place of Publication: Harbin, Heilongjiang Province
Language: Chinese;
Folio: Big 16
ISSN 1001-0009
CN 23-1247 / S
Post code 14-150
Previous title: Heilongjiang Horticulture
Founding year: 1977
ASPT Source
China Journal Net
2004 Core Journal
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Northern Horticulture

2019 Issue 23
Effects of Polyaspartic Acid Irrigation on the Growth and Quality of Kale Wu Qianqian; Liang Jiazuo; Qin Jian; Liu Xinglian; Luo Hailing; Shi Weidong;
Screening of a Bacillus anthracnose strain against pepper anthracnose Cheng Huanhuan; Yao Weiwei; Peng Lijuan; Li Zhong; Xie Xin; Ding Haixia;
Effect of Perlite Particle Size on Growing Tomatoes in Closed Inorganic Substrate Li Yanyan; Wu Zhanhui; Liu Mingchi; Wang Liping; Wang Baoju; Ji Yanhai;
Identification of tomato ulcer pathogens and selection of resistant varieties Gao Wa; Zhang Dongmei; Gao Zhenjiang; Liu Dan; Shang Chunming; Liu Mingxing;
Physiological Response of Jujube Shoots to Low Temperature Stress under Three Sampling Methods Adilie Ableti; Nurmaimai Aimeti; Ziman Yunus;
Study on the Maturity Control Index System of "Mile" Grape in Wuhai Production Area Liu Qianqian; Yuan Ruiqi; Liu Xixi; Yuan Chunlong;
Effects of different fertilization treatments on yield and quality of 'Qingxiang' walnut Zhao Shugang; Gao Yi; Gao Xiyu; Niu Jiamin; Wang Hongxia; Zhang Zhihua;
Effects of reduced fertilizer and organic fertilizer application on growth and quality of early spring watermelon in large arch shed Gu Duanyin; Jiao Juan; Liu Zhongliang; Yan Weiqiang; Gao Junjie;
Watermelon nursery measures in winter
Effects of temperature on accumulation and distribution of melon roots and its absorption capacity Yao Li; Yang Zhongfa; Wang Lingrui;
Effects of spraying chlorpheniramine and maleic hydrazide on dormant stage on late frost resistance of 'beimei' grape Liu Ziyu; Liu Chengmin; Li Qian; Liu Sifan; Shan Shouming;
Laboratory toxicity and field efficacy evaluation of several novel insecticides against Lagerstroemia indica Gao Deliang; Song Huawen; Lu Juan; Zhuang Zhiguo; Hu Zunji; Zhuang Zhanxing;
Experimental study on heating of ecological greenhouse solar-assisted heating system under different heat dissipation modes Geng Dongxian; Liu Wenhe; Yu Wei;
Effects of Shadawang on Saline-alkali Degraded Meadow in Songnen County under Different Cultivation Models Qi Baolin; Gao Yang; Yu Hongzhu; Liu Shichao; Wang Zhifeng;
Investigation and Analysis of the Characteristics of Plant Communities in the Mountain Trails of Zijinshan Forest Park Hou Jiping; Lu Jianguo;
Analysis of the effects of different treatments on garlic cuttings based on orthogonal experiments Lin Mao; Li Jinhua; Tang Qing; Sun Kaidao;
Study on Phenotypic Characteristics and Growth Characteristics of Different Eustoma Varieties Yang Guangzhang; Zhang Junyun; Qian Zunyao; Zhang Zhong; Zhang Jiankang; Wang Wenzhi;
Eco-tourism planning strategies based on ecological suitability assessment Wu Wen Li Guanhua Wu Dewen Gao Yanpeng Lu Qian Liu Shengjun
Extraction of essential oil from Forsythia suspensa leaves, GC-MS analysis and study of its activity Qin Nan; Liu Haohao; Ding Yan; Wang Xiaomin; Guo Lili; Liu Xing;
Effects of 1-methylcyclopropene Treatment on Postharvest Physiology and Storage Quality of "Golden Red" Apple Wang Zhihua; Wang Wenhui; Yun Wei; Liu Bailin; Wang Yang; Jia Chaoshuang;
Ultrasonic-assisted extraction process of polyphenols from Baoshan peach red bolete and its antioxidant activity Li Li; Liu Yiming; Li Yanyan; Zhao Zhongxiang; Chen Zhixiong;
Expression analysis of UDP-glycosyltransferase in Citrullus colocynthis Yang Minghui; Chen Meng; Liu Haifeng;
Formulation of culture medium of Pleurotus ostreatus and Xiuzhen Mushroom cultivated by gull shell An Ying Wei Yunhui Wang Hongxiu Hu Jia Dai Chaoyang Xiong Xiaowen
Advances in Mycorrhizal Fungi Improving Plant Salt Tolerance Zhang Jianfeng; Xie Jinhong; Tian Lei; Ji Li; Chen Germany; Tian Chunjie;
Analysis of market price impact of Chinese medicinal materials based on supply and demand curve Cui Xusheng; Xie Junbo; Zhang Yanqing; Jin Pengbo; Gao Xiuqiang; Dong Xuehui;
Empirical Analysis of Farmers' Demand for Agricultural Insurance and Its Influencing Factors Zhang Qiwen; Chen Xi;
New Professional Farmer Organization Form and Development Trend Li Yibo; Zhang Liang; Zhao Banghong; Li Wenshuang; Zhang Shaobin;
Research on Optimized Development of Agricultural Tourism Resources in Heilongjiang Province Han Fuli
Integrated simple fertilization technology for making dry peppers by flat cropping with water and fertilizer Yin Changju; Xiang Maohong; Wang Xuewen;
High-quality and high-efficiency cultivation technique for "Korla Xiang pear" trunk fruiting model Ma Jianjiang; Chen Jiuhong; Wang Xiaobing;
Breeding of a New Fruit Type White Cucumber Strain 'M0706-4' Cao Yafeng; Cheng Xiaolin; Ma Qiong; Li Xurong; Liang Jianyong;
"Northern Horticulture" officially joins OSID Open Science Program
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