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Acta Oceanologica Sinica
Chinese Journal of Oceanography
Host: Chinese Ocean Society
Cycle: Monthly
Place of Publication: Beijing
Language: English;
Folio: 16
ISSN 0253-505X
CN 11-2056 / P
Previous title (s): Chinese Journal of Oceanography
Founding year: 1982
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China Journal Net
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Acta Oceanologica Sinica

Catalogue of December 2019
Distributions of ~ (224, 223) Ra and ~ (137) Cs in the Luzon Strait and its adjacent waters and their response to Typhoon Rainbow Hequan Gu; Feng Zhao; Wei Yu; Ruihuan Li; Li Zhao; Dongmei Li;
Residues and sources of HCHs and DDTs in the sediments of land-based sewage outlet to the Zhanjiang Bay, China Lirong Zhao; Yuzhen Shi; Hui Zhao; Jibiao Zhang; Xingli Sun;
Early diagenesis of redox-sensitive trace metals in the northern Okinawa Trough Xiaojing Wang; Li Li; Jihua Liu; Yonghua Wu; Jingjing Gao; Peng Cao; Ying Zhang; Xuefa Shi;
N_2 fixation rate and diazotroph community structure in the western tropical North Pacific Ocean Run Zhang; Dongsheng Zhang; Min Chen; Zhibing Jiang; Chunsheng Wang; Minfang Zheng; Yusheng Qiu; Jie Huang;
Implications of the melting depth and temperature of the Atlantic mid-ocean ridge basalts Yili Guan; Xuefa Shi; Quanshu Yan; Xun Wei; Yan Zhang; Xiaoping Xia; Haoda Zhou;
Monitoring hawksbill turtle nesting sites in some protected areas from the Persian Gulf Majid Askari Hesni; Mohsen Rezaie-Atagholipour; Somaye Zangiabadi; Mohammad Amin Tollab; Mostafa Moazeni; Hosein Jafari; Mohammad Talebi Matin; Ghasem Ghorbanzadeh Zafarani; Mahtab Shojaei; Abbas Motlaghnejad;
The effect of substrate grain size on burrowing ability and distribution characteristics of Perinereis aibuhitensis Tao Sun; Chun'e Liu; Xingzuo Li; Dongzhengyang An; Hairui Yu; Zheng Ma; Feng Liu;
Zooneuston and zooplankton abundance and diversity in relation to spatial and nycthemeral variations in the Gulf of Aqaba and northern Red Sea Gopikrishna Mantha; Abdulmohsin A. Al-Sofyani; Al-Aidaroos Ali M; Michael P Crosby;
Family-level diversity of extracellular proteases of sedimentary bacteria from the South China Sea Jinyu Yang; Yangyang Feng; Xiulan Chen; Binbin Xie; Yuzhong Zhang; Mei Shi; Xiying Zhang;
Isolation, distribution and evaluation of cytotoxic and antioxidant activity of cultivable actinobacteria from the Oman Sea sediments Mohsen Gozari; Nima Bahador; Amir Reza Jassbi; Mohammad Seddiq Mortazavi; Samad Hamzehei; Ebrahim Eftekhar;
Model assessment of nutrient removal via planting Sesuvium portulacastrum in floating beds in eutrophic marine waters: the case of aquaculture areas of Dongshan Bay Xuehai Liu; Xinming Pu; Donglian Luo; Jing Lu; Zili Liu;
Spatial-temporal dynamics of biogenic silica in the southern Yellow Sea Dan Zhang; Shan Jian; Jun Sun; Xiaoyun Leng; Guicheng Zhang;
Copepod community structure during upwelling and non-upwelling seasons in coastal waters off Cochin, southwest coast of India Jemi Job N; AAMohamed Hatha;
Clupeid fish hosts a Peniculus sp. (Pennellidae, Siphonostomatoida, Copepoda) —First report on new host and season dependent prevalence Rijin Kattambally; Mumthaz TMV; Sudha Kappalli; Gopinathan Anilkumar;
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