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Popular technology
Popular Science & Technology
Host: Guangxi College of China Science and Technology Development Institute
Cycle: Monthly
Place of Publication: Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
Language: Chinese;
Folio: Big 16
ISSN 1008-1151
CN 45-1235 / N
Post code 48-94
Founding year: 1999
ASPT Source
China Journal Net
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Popular technology

2019 Issue 10
Design and Implementation of Data Migration Tool Based on C # Programming Language Jin Menglan; Luo Entao; Pan Xuewen;
Design and production of "T cell development" micro-lecture based on Flash platform Yun Chenxia; Liang Liang; Nong Qingdong; Nie Yiwen; Qu Zeqiang; Luo Xuefei; Lan Taijin;
Analysis and design of a double-ended constant resistance filter Jiang Yang; Sun Zhigang; Ju Lijuan;
RFID indoor positioning algorithm based on distance weight filling Wei Dongxue
Discussion on the Teaching Mode of Electronic Simulation Experiment in "Internet + Education" Zheng Yao;
Design and Research of Mobile Phone Monitoring Appliance System Huang Dingming; Liang Piao; Lan Riwei;
Architecture and Application of Guangxi Hazardous Waste Supervision Information System Lin Wanchang;
Research and application status of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment technology in China Zhang Tao; Li Jinguo; Xu Chunfeng;
Talking about the Application of QR Code Inspection System in Yantan Power Plant Feng Qian;
Integration of production and education and integration of competition and training to promote the "five strengths" of the profession——Taking Guangxi Transportation School's new energy vehicle demonstration specialty specialty and training base construction as an example Huang Zudong;
Research on the Management of Talent Team in University Information Construction Ma Shuwen; Qian Kun;
Research and Teaching Exploration of Higher Vocational Electrical Skills Training Package Based on Multiple Choices Liu Chunmei; Liang Haifeng;
Construction and Application of Quality Model of College Teachers Based on Onion Theory Wu Ruibin
Exploration and practice of problem-based teaching method combined with formative evaluation in experimental teaching of surgery Ma Wei; Wu Chunmei; Li Na; Alia Akmu; Wang Huicai;
Teaching Reform of Mathematical Modeling Course in Higher Vocational Education Based on Vocational Ability Training Liu Lang;
Exploration of Classroom Teaching Reform of "Information Security" Course Based on Ability Improvement Tang Wenlong;
Research on Experimental Teaching Reform of Mechanical Design Gao Cheng; Gao Peng; Luo Yi; Du Wenjuan;
Reform and Practice of "Auto Insurance and Claims" Course Based on Post Occupational Ability Training Wang Fenfang; Wu Shangrong; Lin Baohui;
Aesthetic Features of Frog Totem Patterns in Luo Yue Culture Yang Jiajia; Xie Rui;
Exploration and Reflection on Water-saving Implementation Paths in Colleges and Universities Zheng Han; Zhang Zhijiang; Hu Yong; Hou Xin; Zhang Mingqian;
Analysis on the Internal Audit System of the Design Institute's "Three Standards Management System" Li Xing;
Chinese manufacturing industry should vigorously advocate craftsmanship Huang Ziqi;
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