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Research on the Influencing Factors of Customer Satisfaction under the Fresh O2O Model——Taking Baiguoyuan as an Example

【Abstract】 Taking Baiguoyuan as an example, a theoretical framework is built on the basis of the ACSI model. Based on Baiguoyuan's online and offline platforms, the factors affecting Baiguoyuan's customer satisfaction are divided into perceived online quality and perception Offline quality, perceived value and customer expectations, design and issue questionnaires and collect data samples. By using SPSS24.0 software for descriptive statistical analysis, reliability and validity analysis of data samples, and using AMOS24.0 tools to establish and analyze the relationship between various variables in the structural equation model, it is concluded that customer expectations negatively affect customer satisfaction Degree, perceived quality and perceived value all positively affect the results of customer satisfaction. Based on the research results, corresponding suggestions are put forward.

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