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Join forces to help the poor and improve health

[Abstract]: Positive health poverty alleviation is an important part of winning the battle against poverty, and it is also a major political task in the field of health to help build a well-off society in an all-round way. Dawu County, Hubei Province held a county-wide health poverty alleviation work promotion conference, requiring all cadres to take the "three essentials", "research for deep, change for truth, and chase for cruelty" as the starting point, and comprehensively deploy and carry out health poverty alleviation work, and medical personnel at all levels will further improve Recognize and consolidate responsibilities, with a firmer determination, more precise measures, more solid work, a rigorous work attitude and a strong work style to ensure the implementation of healthy poverty alleviation.
[Author Unit] : Health Bureau of Dawu County , Hubei Province
[Classification number]: R197.1; F323.8

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