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Grasp the theme education and fulfill the original mission

[Abstract]: The first is to plan early and plan carefully. After the theme education was fully launched, all party members in the sub-branch were organized for the first time to learn to convey the spirit of the meeting, formulate "work plans", "learning arrangements" in advance, clarify timetables, "roadmaps", refine time schedules, work content, and mobilize deployment The formation of a special research group is responsible for the research and writing of thesis related to the subject education. The second is to do a good job of studying and conducting research. Through the combination of self-study and intensive research, and the combination of the original learning and the tutoring lectures, it ensures that the learning objects are fully covered and the learning effect is guaranteed. The members of the sub-branch party committee focused on the most urgent issues for the development of the sub-branch and the employees most expected to solve, and carried out targeted investigations.
[Author Unit] : Nanjing Jian'ou Sub-branch, Agricultural Bank of China
[Classification number]: D267.4; F832.33

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