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Guangdong Elevator Liability Insurance Unified Insurance Demonstration Project Upgrade

【Abstract】 The upgraded version of the Guangdong Province Elevator Liability Insurance Demonstration Project is being launched in Guangzhou a few days ago. Since 2012, Guangdong has carried out the elevator safety supervision reform, introduced the elevator liability insurance mechanism, and set up an elevator liability insurance unified insurance demonstration project. With the rapid growth of the local elevator holdings, the demand for elevator risk transfer by elevator companies and ordinary people is also increasing. It is understood that the new version of the elevator liability insurance unified insurance demonstration project has been upgraded in terms of guarantee responsibility and service content. Among them, without increasing the premium, the original cumulative compensation limit of 3 million yuan was raised to 10 million yuan. At the same time, the initial compensation standard for the compensation for stranded ladder detention was reduced from 1.5 hours to 40 minutes, and the compensation amount was from 200 yuan to 400 yuan.
[Classification number]: F842.69; F299.23

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