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Application of drug traceability system and ERP system technology in production management of pharmaceutical factories

【Abstract】 In the field of medical and health, medicine is an important guarantee to protect the health and life of patients, so it is very important to pay attention to the quality of medicines. In the modern industrial system, pharmaceutical production has realized industrialized process production, which has greatly improved the efficiency of pharmaceutical production. In order to better manage the quality of pharmaceutical production and ensure that drugs are fully monitored in all aspects of raw materials, production, and sales, and can be traced back, the State Food and Drug Administration introduced a drug traceability system to record the entire process of drugs In the system, for the medicines with quality problems, the cause can be found out, so as to avoid the problem from happening again. ERP system technology, that is, enterprise resource planning, is a management platform system, which uses the systematic management idea as a guide to reengineer the production process of the enterprise and provide decision-making means for the production and operation of the enterprise. In pharmaceutical factory production management, combining ERP system technology with drug traceability system can realize the information management of drug production and achieve systematic drug quality control. Based on the above research, this paper studies the application effect of drug traceability system and ERP system technology in the production management of pharmaceutical factories.
[Author] : Meizhou Dashenlin Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
[Classification number]: F426.72

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