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Chinese manufacturing industry should vigorously advocate craftsmanship

【Abstract】 Although the scale of China's manufacturing industry is already the largest in the world, there are large but not strong problems. The industrial chain is still at the low-end level. Compared with developed countries, it still exists in terms of quality, brand, and innovation. Certain gap. "Artisan spirit" is a spirit of excellence in product quality and striving for perfect product quality. For the Chinese manufacturing industry, it is necessary to vigorously advocate the artisan spirit, focus on creating quality products, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise itself, so that the artisan spirit becomes the value orientation of the manufacturing industry, the whole society and the entire nation, and use the "artisan spirit" to promote economic and social development To realize the transformation from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese intellectual manufacturing, from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing country.
[Author Unit] : School of Materials, Tsinghua University
[Classification number]: F424

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