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Reform and Practice of "Auto Insurance and Claims" Course Based on Post Occupational Ability Training

[Abstract]: In view of the problems of outdated teaching content and unscientific assessment methods in the current course of "Auto Insurance and Claims", this article proposes reform and practice of this course based on job vocational ability training methods. After analysis, it is concluded that after the curriculum redesign and practice, the classroom atmosphere is active, students have a strong interest in learning, and their enthusiasm and initiative to participate in learning have improved significantly.Comprehensive assessment results have also improved a lot. The teaching effect of the targeted curriculum reform is better.
[Author Unit] : Guangxi Vocational College of Water Resources and Electric Engineering
[Classification number]: F840-4

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1 Jiang Yueping ;; Innovation of Student Evaluation System——Taking Insurance Professionals as an Example [J]; Contemporary Economy; 2011-05