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Research on the Difficulties and Countermeasures of the Integration of Production and Education in the Animation Specialty in Northern Jiangsu

【Abstract】: In order to eliminate the contradiction between the quality of talents in vocational schools in northern Jiangsu Province and the demand for talents in the animation industry, we propose to integrate with animation enterprises in Southern Jiangsu and establish an "animation studio" to try out modern apprenticeships and leverage. " The concept of "Internet +" for blended teaching and other course reforms, and the practical exploration of H-school in Huaian City, has proved the effectiveness of relying on high-quality enterprises in southern Jiangsu and new-generation information technology to improve the quality of running schools, which has helped North Jiangsu fall into the predicament of integration of production and education. Vocational schools provide countermeasures and solutions.
【Author unit】Jiangsu Vocational Secondary School
[Classification number]: G124; J954-4; G712

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