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Research on Problems and Innovation Countermeasures of Online Visual Marketing of Poverty Alleviation Agricultural Products

【Abstract】 With the effective development and implementation of the national precision poverty alleviation policy, the "Internet +" model has brought huge business opportunities for poverty alleviation targets and special agricultural products with poverty alleviation targets. Poverty alleviation targets should seize the opportunity to dig deeper into the selling points and advantages of characteristic agricultural products and find In line with the market, use visual means to shape the product and brand image, and carry out publicity and promotion. Specific measures should be taken: The promotion of online agricultural products should pay attention to the visual marketing of products, carefully design visual display, and create a good visual experience for consumers. In addition, the poverty alleviation objects also need to break through the traditional marketing model, actively adapt to the new trends and new methods of visual marketing development, and try to use short video marketing to visually disseminate and promote poverty alleviation agricultural products, and finally achieve poverty alleviation.
[Author Unit] : Beijing Commercial School
[Classification number]: F323.7; F724.6

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